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E-Leave System

E-Leave System helps you to manage, maintain and track all leave related issues, be it various leave types entitlement calculation, show calculation on leave taken and balance, e-Leave Application, Leave Withdrawal, Leave Cancellation, Emergency Leave, Carry Forward Leave and etc.

Anyone who has applied for leave knows the frustration of form-filling – and waiting as the hard copy travels up and down the approval hierarchy. This brilliant electronic leave management software with its powerful features, cuts out the physical movements and enables HR to have a bird’s eye view of the leave situation in the company, and make decisive, on-the-spot approval decisions.


1. Approve or Reject Leave Application on the Email itself

Approving officer would receive email notification with details of leave taken and balance on all leave application or leave cancellation, and the approving officer does not even required to login to the system, they can simply approve or reject the leave application on the email itself.  If you are using a smart just click or touch the blue link to approve or reject.  We always think of a way to make your HR task easier.

2. Managing Unutilized Leave Balance - Carry Forward Leave Policy

A Leave Management System that allows HR to define the Carry Forward Leave date application. They will set expiry date for carry forward.

3. Details Calculation of Leave Balance

E-Leave is designed to ease the burden of all admin users, with this details calculation of leave balance, all employees could now check their respective leave taken and balance without disturbing the admin user. Users will see the leave summary information.

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