Pinnacle Platform Sdn. Bhd.


  •  Is a Web Based system
  •  It can be Centralize or decentralized due to internet facilities
  • The system helps multiple estates to standardize reporting by providing a robust enterprise-wide platform to consolidate and report up-to-date operational information with ease.
  •  Automate Data Backup
  •  Is budget preparation system to form final budget and 5 years projections of products
  • Accept multiple products
  • Can be integrated with other systems via excel or csv files transfer
  • Data can be converted into PDF or Excels.
  • User Friendly System
  •  Reduce manual work
  • Any changes on price or rate will be automatically reflects to related activities
  • Help Management in analysing and comparing cost on actual and estimated
  • Data can be link into Accounting System by using Interfacing facilities

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